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We are a Full Service masonry company, providing quality service and workmanship in northern Nevada for the past 30 years. 

Masonry accents on your home add depth, color and texture while enhancing the architecture and providing charm.


  • New Construction

From Homeowner builders to General contractors we are true team players, coordinating our work with diligence to complete our portion of the project in a professional and cooperative manner.

  • Remodel

Whether you are adding on, or doing a complete overhaul we have the experience and expertise to see your vision realized.


  • Maintenance/Repair

​Maintenance of existing masonry is critical to its longevity, it can make the difference between a minor repair or a costly rebuild. FYI Chimneys are ranked high on the list of causes for water damage to a house, a chimney should be inspected and repaired periodically.

  • Restoration

Restoration of historic buildings is a labor of love for us, we understand the care, patience and attention to detail needed for the job. We believe that the purpose of restoration, is to make something look as it originally did.

  • Custom Design & Consulting

​A successful project starts with a great plan, from budget to materials we help plan every detail. 

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